1 Scope
(1) 9jaHub owns and operates a platform in Nigeria that allows sellers to sell their products to the public over the internet. This platform is currently provided on the website www.9jahub.com.ng, but may be provided on different websites or applications in the future.
(2) The merchant will have the opportunity to sell their products on the 9jaHub platform. 9jaHub is entitled to accept purchases on behalf of the seller. The service provided by 9jaHub is limited to referring customers to the seller and accepting orders and payments on their behalf. In addition to this at 9jaHub discretion they may provide the seller with analytics about the performance of the seller’s products and additional marketing support. This support may be reflective of the agreed level of commission.
(3) The seller authorizes 9jaHub to accept binding orders from customers on their behalf.
(4) 9jaHub may carry out changes to the website or service, or suspend the service, without notice.

2 9jaHub rights and obligations
(1) The seller acknowledges that the relationship between customers and 9jaHub is governed by the privacy policy and the general terms and conditions, both available on the website.
(2) 9jaHub will present on the website the products listed by the seller. The merchant will be responsible for listing their own products.
(3) 9jaHub is authorized to accept binding sales on behalf of the merchant and will be careful to pass order data on to the merchant as well as technology allows.
(4) In order to maintain its reputation for quality and high standard of service, 9jaHub reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the merchant if the merchant repeatedly receives bad reviews or complaints, or fails to comply with our recommendations.

3 Seller’s rights and obligations
(1) The seller is obliged to provide all the information necessary when listing a product on 9jahub.com.ng. This should include but is not limited to, a detailed title and sub-title, price, quantity, picture and description. The merchant must never knowingly deceive a potential customer by misrepresenting their products. The seller must notify 9jaHub of any changes to the detail of their listings while uploaded on the site.

2) The seller guarantees that information listed on 9jaHub relating to his products satisfies all legal requirements, and in particular satisfies information requirements for consumer protection.

(3) The seller will be responsible for keeping an up-to-date inventory of all their products listed on 9jaHub.
(4) The seller guarantees that the information provided by him does not violate any third party’s copyright.

(5) The seller will contact the customers no more than is necessary for processing the transactions referred by 9jaHub. In particular, the merchant will not send any advertising email or other commercial advertisements to the customer without prior agreement from 9jaHub or the expressed wish of the customer. When delivering products sold via 9jaHub, the seller will not advertise any of 9jaHub competitors.

6) The seller will process orders and arrange delivery with all reasonable care the moment receipt of confirmation of sale is received through the 9jaHub site via email and/or text message. The delivery options and time indicated on their listing is binding, orders should be fulfilled within 1 working day. The seller is required to keep his advertised products and services available to the best of his ability. Repeated stock-outs will result in the removal of the merchant and all their products from the 9jaHub platform.
(7) If the seller cannot fulfill an order submitted to him/her, he/she must notify 9jaHub as soon as possible, and within 1 day of receiving the order at the latest.

4 Commission
The seller agrees to pay 9jaHub a fixed percentage commission on the gross revenue from their sales made through the 9jaHub platform. All categories are to pay 8% commission percentages for items or product sold.

5 Customer online payment
(1) In case of electronic payment by the customer (e.g. Wireless online Transfer), 9jaHub collects the payment for the relevant order in 9jaHub name on behalf of the seller, and pays it out to the seller according to the invoicing agreement.

6 Invoicing and merchant payment
(1) 9jaHub invoices may be delivered by email, online, fax, post or in person. They include 9jaHub claims on the seller, commission.